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We were pleased to have had so many wonderful submissions! We have to tell you, we had such a hard time choosing these winners. What an honor and inspiring privilege it has been to receive these 'odes to Mom', all brimming with love and admiration for some of the most awesome moms on the planet.

The grand prize winner is Melanie from Susquehanna, PA! Congratulations Melanie... pick out your two free cakes! Each of our 4 runners up will get 50% off a 7" cake or pie of their choice.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and Happy Mother’s Day!


She has done so much for others, even though she has never had very much for herself. She has done everything out of the goodness of her heart, never expecting to be recognized or rewarded for it. She is a nurturer by nature and has fostered over 180 babies of every color and religion over the past forty some years. When my dad was stricken with cancer, she cared for him at home. All the while caring for my siblings, myself and up to 4 foster children at a time. When dad died at only 42 years old my mom became the sole provider for all of us. She continued fostering out of her sheer love for children. She also took in daycare in order to provide for her family. When her brother became bedridden with muscular dystrophy, she split her time between our home and my grandmothers so that she could aid in his care. When my grandmother was stricken with cancer, she took her into our house so that she wouldn't have to go into a hospice or nursing home, all the while taking care of us and the foster kids. She was the most positive role model that a child could have. We learned that acceptance, compassion and caring for others could provide riches far beyond anything monetary. My mom deserves cake and so much more!


My mom has been through a very rough time the past few years. She went through a horrible divorce with my stepfather of 26 years & ended up with not much. She has very bad back problems, yet still gave her all to her nursing job. She has pride & has kept going through all the devistating times. In the middle of her horrible divorce, my home was broken into robbed & ransacked terribly, the loss is tremendous. Mom was right there helping, while still dealing with her traumatic event. In the middle of Storm Sandy when there was gas rationing, no power & snow, her father passed away in PA. She keeps going through all the pain & hard times, & that's what I'm trying to do too, because I've been hit with my share recently. I'd love a little pick me up for Mom, as we love Carousel!

Jill, Englewood, NJ

My best Mom is my son, Kyle. He cared for me and my husband, giving up any life of his own for years. He left his army dreams to care for us with dealing with heart problems, cardiac arrest, many hospital stays, visits and long confinments. He smiled and loved us during a heart transplant, recovery followed us during a long difficult cancer battle. Never slowed during dark times , death , grief and depression. He bathed, clothed fed, loved and mothered us no matter what or who it cost him. He delt with each battle with love and mothered us, me always 24/7 and more. He shared, grew, cooked and did more no matter how much we needed. He never once said later, no or wait. Just fille life with never ending understanding , love and the right way to do all.

Dianne, Nashville, TN

My mom is the first person I call when something happens – good and bad. She’s always there to lend a hand—to babysit, run an errand (including picking up my favorite Carousel Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake for a family party), or accompany me on some crazy wild goose chase. She’s my shopping buddy and partner in crime. She’s game for almost anything. Replace my husband on a family trip to Disney World at the last minute when he had to work? Of course! Drive two hours to look at kitchen cabinets? Sure. Shlep around Six Flags with three grandsons in the hot sun? Why not?! Make a special trip to the mall to look for an elusive brown skirt in my size that my local store didn’t have? No problem! Accompany me to my first mammogram and wait with me for an unpleasant medical test? No need to ask twice.

She has taught me important lessons such as, “if the shoe fits, buy it in every color!” and “if you wore it the first time, you are too old to wear it when it comes back in style.” While she is a good cook when she wants to cook, she raised me to know that there’s nothing wrong with pizza a few nights a week, and sometimes an ice cream cone is a perfect lunch.

Because she “made me,” her quirks are my quirks, and we understand each other perfectly. My mom is my best friend.

Gail, Teaneck, NJ

My mom is really important and special to me. Last year, on my birthday (which was also Mother's Day) my house burned down. I was lucky enough to get all my kids out (ages 9, 7 and 3 yr old twins). However, we lost everything we had.

My mom up and moved from over 1000 miles away to help us get back on our feet and get our family's emotional health back together. I'm honored that my mom left her life to help with mine. I love her so much.

Stephani, Daytona Beach, FL

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